About The Museum of Lithography

The Museum of Lithography. Grudes Studio & Limestone Print Works is a combined museum and workshop specialized in stone printing. Our goal is to keep the knowledge of the traditional stone lithography printing alive.

The museum is situated in beautiful surroundings on Sundby Gård – a recreational area owned by the municipality of Huddinge. Huddinge is situated just south of Stockholm.


Litografiska Museet
Sundby Gård
141 91 Huddinge
+46 (0)8 746 90 91


About The Museum of Lithography and CollectiveAccess

On this site we use CollectiveAccess, a free cataloguing tool and web-based application for museums, archives and digital collections. CollectiveAccess offers support for multi-lingual cataloguing, as well as translation of the user interface into seven languages.

This project could be done thanks to financial support from Huddinge kommun, Riksantikvarieämbetet (Kulturarvslyftet) and Jacob Wallenbergs stiftelse.


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